1. Re-entry planning
    As re-entry begins, it is likely a smaller, more targeted workforce will come back in a meaningful way.
  2. Safety, resilience, and operations
    The health and safety of employees and the cleanliness of facilities will be top of mind for the operations team. This may include protocols for the workplace and visitors at entrances.
  3. Workspaces and materials
    Physical distancing practices could remain prevalent and may affect usage of spaces, furniture configurations, and choice of finishes.
  4. Employee experience
    It will be important to maintain focus on experience and engagement, no matter where your employees work from, or where your customers are.
  5. Digital workplace and smart buildings
    Smart technologies can help prevent the spread of illness, monitor wellness, and make employees more productive.

Meet Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc. (PLTA)

  • End-to-End North American manufacturer of Digital Lighting Systems
    • 70+ years of experience engineering and commercializing innovative lighting solutions
    • Industry leader for LED components, LED Retrofit/Replacement products, and networked lighting
      control systems
    • Known for quality products, custom solutions, and integrated controlS

Our Middleware Location Services Software Partner is Pointr

  • Pointr is The Deep Location platform for smart offices
    • Built in 2013 by a team of computer scientists
    • Industry leading indoor positioning technology
    • Combining app and app-free location
    • Live in 18 countries & 1,000+ venues
    • Blue chip customer base including:

Contact Tracing

Proactively ensure safe distancing. React with minimum business disruption.

• Activated only at venue
• Anonymous Tracking, no personal data shared
• Tracks proximity interactions via Bluetooth
• Contact Replay, simulation of user path
• Dashboard to manage & anonymously notify phones that came in contact with hazard

Contact Tracing

How it Works

1. Contact tracing for use in the office

Reassure the team with a contact tracing app for when in the office

2. Employee uses anonymous ID to notify employer

Anonymously trace and notify those near a co-worker who tests positive

3. Contacts anonymously traced and notified

Get started with the WorkSafe app and dashboard in a few easy steps

Occupancy Manager

Set safety occupancy levels & monitor real time results. Control the health & safety of your venue.

  • Live occupancy counts per location
  • Set Maximum Occupancy levels in your building
  •  User auto check-in and checkout (geolocation activated)
  •  Multi-floor & level occupancy analytics (WorkSafe Plus requiring beacon deployment)

Congestion Supervisor

Smart distribution of workforce throughout premises. Proactively reducing hotspots & maximizing work comfort.

  • Real-time floor heatmaps
  • Historical floor heatmaps
  • Compare heatmap results & change floor layout, stagger
  • Arrival times
  • Management Dashboard

Cleaning Monitor

Frequent & good sanitization is the first line of defense in re-opening the business and ensuring it stays open

  • Track sanitization by areas & precise location
  • Timestamp each sanitization process to ensure cleaning compliance
  • Path replay enabling to optimize cleaning rota
  • Identify “hot zone” areas that require extra sanitization
  • Location-based alerts to inform when an area is now safe to re-enter.

Safe Wayfinding

Seamless wayfinding, increased spatial engagement efficiency, re-routing and safe routing. A sentient workspace that adapts its environment to fit user

  • Turn-by-turn navigation (2D, 2.5D, 3D and even AR wayfinding)
  •  Achieving 1-meter location accuracy
  •  Real-time, multi-floor positioning
  •  Works 100% offline (even when in Airplane Mode)
  • Find the best route, including accessible (e.g. stepfree route, one way routing) and personalized options

Enhanced Employee Experience & Smarter Operations

Intuitive Navigation

Search the nearest available meeting rooms, get turn-by-turn directions between multiple buildings on campus and from the car park

Location Sharing

Find colleagues or create a meeting point on the map to set up ad-hoc meetings easily.

Occupancy & Utilization Analytics

Get valuable location insights to optimize your real estate footprint with heatmaps, employee count data, dwell times, congestion and more

Track equipment in real-time

View the position of valuable equipment on a map and set locationbased alerts if an asset leaves a specific area

Location-based engagement

Create contextual notifications for specific users, using geofencing. Your meeting is about to start in room 1.2. Get directions

Smart check-in

Enable smart check-in when entering the building via the app – no need to wait at reception.

How Pointr helps retailers to reopen

Safe wayfinding for customers with their own device

Engage with shoppers in the moment

Know your customers via congestion data

Assign restock and enable click & collect in real-time

The Path Forward:  Connected Solutions

The Case for Lighting and IoT — The New Communication Network

Providing value in addition to light output

Why Bluetooth vs. Other Wireless

Technology Comparison

Building Block Approach with Panasonic Lighting Solutions

Anatomy of a Continuous End-to-End IoT Lighting Solution

The Panasonic Lighting Advantage: We are the Vertically Integrated Component and Connected Solutions Provider

Integrated Controls Options

Wireless Dimming Control & Beaconing Powered by the Driver
  • Integrated Fixture Components for Control and Beaconing
  1. LRK Wireless endcap (BT-LWE)
  2. Intelligent Fixture Sensor (IFs)
  3. Intelligent Fixture Controller (IFc)

           ✔ All serve as IPS Beacons & LMS Controllers

Lighting Management System Control

  • Integrates with BACnet into BMS systems
  • Flexible lighting control in groups of ɽȐ-to-manyɾ fixtures
  • Closed loop daylight harvesting with IFs

Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

  •  Bluetooth beacons included as part of lighting controllers
  • Mobile SDK provides x, y and z location and orientation of mobile device to an application

The Bluetooth® word, mark, and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Douglas Lighting Controls is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners

Continuum of Connected Solutions

Lighting Controller + BLE Interface + GUI

Dashboard Solution for Lighting & Energy Management

CHECKLIGHT® Cloud Based Energy Management & Measurement

How Does it all Work Together?

IoT Network Architecture

Panasonic + Pointr:

The Trusted Leaders in Workplace Technology

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