Project Scope Front/Back lighting Retrofit fixtures converted to LED Lighting
Installation Cost $91,451
Rebate/Incentives $13,110
Projected Energy Savings $42,884/year | 251,867 kWh reduction 1.2 gigawatt hours

LED Lighting = Savings, Enhanced Optics, Energy Management and Reduced Maintenance

LED Investment Serves Hospitality Industry

Hospitality management faces unique challenges in their effort to serve highly diverse, demanding customers. As energy costs can lower profit margins,
they have turned to new technologies to improve controls and provide a higher level of comfort and service.

LED Lighting generates substantial savings vs. traditional bulbs, with average fixture conversion of 100 watt to 15 watt bulbs. Upgrades average a two-year payback on initial costs. Electricity demand reduction continues year-over-year, providing funds for other capital investments at hospitality properties.

Enhanced Optics

Aesthetic improvement provides flexibility to offer tailored lighting options including colors, glow and control.

Improved Functionality

LED lighting system options include Wi-Fi programming and increased functionality for occupancy sensors, dimming capability and day-light harvesting.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Minimal to zero maintenance – bulbs last up to 10 years. Best in class LED products support manufacturer warranties.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Today’s most efficient lighting can improve energy efficiency 80% – 90% vs. traditional lighting  and conventional light bulbs.

LEED Certification/Green Energy

LED lights are free of toxic chemicals or materials, and are 100% recyclable, reducing carbon footprints by 1/3 or more.

Long Life

LED bulbs and diodes have been proven to last up to 50,000 hours vs. standard lighting, reducing labor and energy costs.


LED’s are extremely durable, built with sturdy components that will sustain and endure through exposure to challenging conditions.

Design Flexibility

Every hotel property design criteria is different, and LED’s can be engineered and designed to offer custom lighting options. Dynamic control of light, color and shade provide an unprecedented level of design and control.


LED’s are ideal for facilities operating in extremely cold outdoor temperatures.

Improved Control

LED lights brighten up immediately when powered on, offering building management options to switch lighting levels on demand.

Lower Power Demand

LED’s require a low-voltage power supply.

Cost of Investment: Generate Long-Term Value

LED will become the standard lighting option for facilities around the world within the next 3 years. Here’s why facility managers are choosing to install LED systems today: