IEG is pleased to announce a partnership venture with EV Plus and Xeal to offer

Comprehensive site evaluation, complimentary value engineering, and a passive revenue stream wrapped into a single proposal.

Site Assessment

Evaluation of the site for currrent and forecast charger demand, capacity and EVcharger readiness:

– Any infrastructure upgrades for first wave of charger installs – Preliminary panel locations (if flexible) and conduit routing – Preliminary charger locations – Safety and pretections for driver and environmental hazards – Basic EV spot branding plan – Demand forecast (# of chargess and revenue) based on local EV adoption rate, proximity to other chargers and tenant demographics

Value Engineering

Design and engineering of optimal charger solution that works for Current and forecasted needs:

– Determine a future proof solution that will meet tenant needs for 10+years – Minimize supporting infrastructure csst and permitting needs – Minimize tenant hassle and distance to chargers – Ensure a safe charger utilization environment

Revenue Sharing

Estimation of financial benefit for all available grant and rebates followed by managemnt of the application process, When successful, the property’s revenue share increases. Generally, the options include:

– Local/Municipal grants – National grants – Local rebates – National rebates – Utility credits – Carbon credits

Execution Plan

After the conclusion of all pre-installation evaluation, delivery of a final action plan detailing:

– Optimal 1st wave charger solution – Scope of work – Revenue sharing percentage and NOI forecast – Grant/Rebates summary – 2nd and 3rd installation wave suggestions

Installation & Start-up

Simple, timely, and pain-free installation and activation for property owners

Our Scope of Work

At no cost to the property, we will: – Source quipment, ship to site, and inspect on arrival – Mount chrgers in desired configuration and elecrically install – Complete all equipment start-up and commissioning – Provide, install, and commission all auxilliary equipment (i.e dynamic load meters, networking equipment, etc.) – Lay short runs off conduit, perform minor trenching, and/or pulling wire to charger install location from feeding panel – Complete minor infrastucture upgrades required for EVCS – Perform durability testing post-install – Provide a complete program introduction to tenants – Paint and otherwise brand EV parking spots where applicable – Remotely oversee the installed system post-install – Complete all basic site clean-up tasks post-install

Property’s Scope of Work

We provide a turnkey EVC installation service. However, the property will be responsible for sigificant structural upgrades(i.e for older buidings or regulatory reasons) and some general site items:

Structural Upgrades: – Compacted and stable install area foundation – Materials and labour for upgrading (if necessary) any power distribution panels, transformers, utility poles or utility lines, switchgear, or other major electrical infrastructure items

Gernal Site: – Current site plans submitted, approved, and permitted – Provide power to charger feeding panel – Complete any required curbing and/or concrete work (unless otherwise specified). – Provide and install specified tenant safety items(e.g., rails bollards)

Ongoing Operations

We consider service and support for property owners, managers and drivers our critical differentiator(along with no upfront capex).

+ 99% equipment uptime commitment + No more than four days per year of non-functioning equipment + Two day service turnaround + One business day onsite support for reported problems

Property owner/manager experience

– Our goal is for the installed charrging system to be as self-sufficient as possible – Just in case, we have a dedicated help desk for owners, property managers and garage attendants – On the rate need for servicing, we coordinate directly with the manager – We provide monthly reports coverting utilization metrics by tenant and charger, uptime,service reports and revenue earned by the property

Tenant/driver experience

– Drivers can use the app to schedule charging time, track usage, receive charge status notifications or, if needed, send us alert messages if there’s a problem

– A dedicated help desk ensures tenant assistance, removing the burden from the property manager

– We utilize very simple pricing models to eliminate confusion and bill drivers directly either via the app or website

– We conduct periodic use experience surveys to ensure top-tier customer satisfaction

Technical Specifications

• Supports all smart functionality • Zero downtime – No cellular or Wifi dependency • No IT infrasturucture cost or upgrades • No ongoing network fees • Portfolio dashboard management

Dynamic Power Optimization

• Accommodates 3X more charges • Avoid expensive electrical upgrades • Industry-leading safety and performance

Helix, a self-reliant protocol for connected devices.

Traditional networks depend on an active connection to a central focal point(cloud server) to operate smart functions. This means that any point of failure leads to the system breaking or a driver getting stranded.

Xeal’s protocol eliminates single-point of failure by forming an asynchronize mesh network of devices that share distributed data packets (ledgers) to operate in an entirely self-reliant way with 100% uptime, faster communication and a more secure payflow.

End-to-end Control

Manage all EV chargers & amenities from one portal

Dashboard reporting, DR, dynamic load mgmt, payments, access control, diagnostics, ESG data, availability, etc.

The Best Experience for Electric Vehicle Drivers

Download app & create account

Tap to Start

Access in milliseconds

Tap to End

Key Features

Design Sleek design and configurable for indoor and outdoor use
Charging Speed Universal level 2 charger is compatible with all electric vehicles and chargers up to 3X faster
Dashboard Accurate energy metering, dynamic access control, over-the-air updates, and automated revenue share model
Future-Proof Connectivity Apollo Protocol allows remote control with no IT capex, no recurring network costs, no internet dependence
Easy Install Building-integrated power management with no electrical upgrades
Driver Mobile App Seamless ‘Tap-to-Charge’ experience with 50X faster connection and 100% uptime
Reporting Data reporting, monotoring, customized control, and user management via building portal

Technical Specifications

Charging Power 32 Amp(7.7kW max) Installation Hardwired(3 foot service whip protected)
Product Dimensions 19.7″L x 8.9″W x 5.3″D Vehicle Connector Type Over-molded SAE J1772 Connector
Product Weight 13.5 lbs Accessories Included SAE J1772 Connector Holster (wall mount)
Supply Circuit 208/240V, 40A Environment Rating Indoor/Outdoor rated
Warranty 5 years Operating Temperature -22°F to 122°F(-30°C to +50°C)
Charge Cable Length 25 feet Certifications ETL, cETL, ENERGY STAR
Enclousure Fully Sealded NEMA 4 Country of Orgin United States of America
Connectivity Apollo Protocol