I guess that would have a negative impact on all forms of publishing, not just short stories. Still, I have found publishers for two of the three shorts I have written this year to date, and the third is currently ‘out there’ being considered. My publishers know I’m writing a second collection and are encouraging me to do so, but I suppose I’m in the luxurious position of already having my foot in the proverbial door.

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In contrast, the competition I run on my site had 94 entries this year and a 0% disqualification rate. Around 45% of entries were considered for prizes – the quality of entry was very high and it was hard to select a winner as so many of the stories were good. The first competition I was involved with was free to enter.

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Some of the contests have closed and they should be removed from the site. I have just started a Creative Writing course in university and I have been looking on sites for competitions but it gets time consuming as you get onto another link then another. I am going to make a competition diary so I don’t miss out on any and always have something to enter. Just thought you’d like to know for your competitions listings. It looks like Albedo 1 are having some technical issues with website updates – details on their Facebook page. Judging by the latest comment, it looks like they will have 2 sites up and running at some point (a .com and .net), but they both seem to be broken at the moment.

So there was a high disqualification rate. Of the remaining 54%, between 10% and 15% were considered for prizes. My view is that you can’t guarantee winning a competition, but you can certainly guarantee not winning. Plucking numbers out of the air, I guess that 50% of entries would be ruled out right away for bad spelling/grammar, breaking the submission rules or clearly bad stories. Another 30% would be competent but undistinguished. 10% would be good, but not quite top rate, leaving 10% to be considered for the prizes.

It’s a great resource and I plan to enter several of the competitions. Your own short story pieces on the site are very good, I especially enjoyed Mr Kill – well done. I wish you the best of luck with getting your stories published. I’m looking for competitions in Canada and only see 2 on your list. CBC Books has a competition underway shortly. I wonder if you could look up more from Canada. Hi Emma, in my experience, it doesn’t matter how long the story is, it’s the quality of the story that counts.

Regular Short Story Competitions

If there are any you know of that you’d like listed here, please tell me. There are sometimes other opportunities for young writers listed in the one-off competitions lists, or on the Flash Fiction competitions page. You can also find details of scholarships on my non-fiction contest page.

Mr. Fielden, I was checking out the list of writing contests on your website. When I checked out the Glimmer Train contest there is a $15.00 “Reading Fee” for each entry. On your site it is listed as a free contest.

I don’t want to enter and possibly win competitions if that means I then can’t use the story again, as part of a complete collection. My purpose for trying to get a mention in competitions is to make publishers more likely to consider taking my collection as a whole. I was searching for the annual competition for a book of Scottish Short Stories, which used to have the closing date of 31st Jan – but I can’t find it.

Hopefully aspiring writers will see it as an opportunity to have their work recognised and published and win a cash prize. Inkitt’s Writing Contest offers a fantastic opportunity for stories that are 20,000 words or more in length. So it’s perfect for longer short stories, novellas, novelettes and https://vidhyashakti.in/ novels. Please contact me if there is any other information you would like to see on this page, or for any ideas on improvements. Not long after its launch, I updated the page into sections as detailed in the quick links at the top of the page, and put the competitions in alphabetical order.

Lawrence, different competitions have different rules about this. Some will let you submit while submitting elsewhere and some won’t. You will have to look at the rules for each individual competition to see what they say.